World Council for Health Australia

Steering Committee

Katie Ashby-Koppens

Katie has been a civil litigator for over 20 years, first in New Zealand and then in Australia. As a generalist civil litigator at first Katie cut her teeth in employment, medico-legal, regulatory dispute work before specialising in class actions and large matters.

Professor Ian Brighthope

Professor Ian Brighthope graduated in Agricultural Science in 1965. For the next three years he was involved in teaching and research. His research interests were in the fields of agriculture and veterinary nutrition, including the nutritional health of cattle, horses, sheep, dogs, pigs and poultry.

Dr Melissa McCann

Dr Melissa McCann is a general practitioner based in the Whitsundays with a special interest in Covid 19 vaccine injuries. Her advocacy work for vaccine injured and bereaved persons has culminated in the instigation of a class action recently filed in April 2023 in the Federal Court.

Lucinda van Buuren

Lucinda has been a Registered Nurse for twenty six years, with the majority of those years as an Instrument / Circulating Nurse in the operating theatre. Mediating, empowering and advocating for peers and patient’s alike comes naturally to Lucinda.

Dr David Rabbolini

Dr David Rabbolini is a haematologist who specialises in conditions related to bleeding and blood clotting.
David has trained and practiced in tertiary centres of excellence in Australia and the UK (Oxford), as well as in rural and regional centres in South Africa and Australia.

Michelle Bradshaw

Michelle comes from a background in Planning and Project Management working on a number of developments with a focus on enhancing social outcomes for communities. In 2011 Michelle retrained as a Yoga Therapist specializing in mental health and is an advocate for whole person holistic health.

Ian Bell

Ian Bell is a Herbalist and has run Health Food stores for 25 years. He is passionate about empowering his communities with a non-pharmaceutical approach to healthcare, and providing them a space to be, and be heard, drawing so much joy from this he can’t ever see himself stopping.